The world of furniture has changed today. Try going to a furniture store and you can find almost any type of this item there. Each item is specifically made to serve a purpose. A computer table for example, has significantly changed since the first time it was invented. Today, it has evolved beyond its original purpose. Following global trend, even a computer desk today needs to be assembled properly before you can use it. There is something unique though, despite what you may think of it, many people have failed in assembling their computer desk.

So, this article is meant to keep you away from that mistake. Let me show you how to install a new computer work desk without a furniture installation professional. No contract to sign. Just you and your friend to do the whole project 🙂

Getting Your Desk Ready, Without Installers

Not every furniture installation requires a professional team to handle this job. Still, it requires experience and precision to install the furniture properly. Don’t worry, it won’t take days to complete.

Now, let us begin our furniture installation project.

  • First and foremost, you can’t do this alone. Spend your time to look for someone who can assist you during the installation. You will need him/her to hold some parts while installing the desk and probably his/her second opinion during this whole project.
  • For a smooth delivery, take all the parts and group them based on categories in the installation manual. This will save your time when it comes to assembling all the parts.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools and get enough space for you to work. Take a close look at all nails, screws, and bolts, then make sure your tools perfectly match with them.
  • Grab the installation manual and follow each step carefully. You can only skip one or more steps if the manual says so (usually under specific conditions). Skipping the steps may lead to wrong assembly, increasing the potential of injury and/or harm. Also, your desk may not work as good as it should be.
  • Keep all screws and bolts properly tightened. Don’t overtighten them as it may cause crack at some points. In some cases, one or more parts of your desk may begin to break and can no longer be used. If that happens, there is nothing else you can do besides changing the whole unit.
  • If you have followed all the steps carefully, you should be able to assemble your own computer desk furniture. Once done, please don’t forget to double check your new furniture for any issue. If you find any, refer to the installation manual. I hope you don’t overtighten the screws and bolts since you may need to unscrew them to fix the problem. Don’t worry, since it is a flat pack furniture, you only need to disassemble only the wrong parts, fix them, and re-assemble it.

Your computer desk is now installed and ready to use.

Need Furniture Assembly as well?

Just let us know your needs while placing the order and your purchase will arrive at your doorstep along with our qualified Assembly Techs who will be happy to put your furniture together for you.